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2008 Spotlight Award Winners

By Seattle Mag July 21, 2008


Get this: According to a 2008 study by Americans for the Arts, Seattle has the most artist-related business per capita in the nation. The most! In the nation!

We think the best way to celebrate this impressive statistic is by making the art your business-that is, by getting out there and experiencing our amazing wealth of arts. Seem overwhelming? Never fear: We’ve made it really easy by organizing our arts listing by personality profiles. (Pick and choose for your every mood!).

Our fall preview also includes our second annual Spotlight award winners-five local up-and-comers who are already soaring skyward, plus interviews with a few local artist enablers regarding the current state of culture in Seattle and a chekc-in with Art Zone hostess Nancy Guppy. Sure, the Sonics and the Sunset Bowl are gone, but let’s rejoice in the knowledge that there are countless artists and art organizations itching to entrtain (and challenge, and motivate) you. Take’em up on it, won’t you?

2008 Spotlight Award: Diem Chau
2008 Spotlight Award: Paul Rucker

2008 Spotlight Award: Lynn Shelton

2008 Spotlight Award: Lucia Neare

2008 Spotlight Award: Zoe Scofield




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